Here's the greatest gift 
you can give your child:


Of all the character gifts 

you can give your children, 
being resilient is the critical underpinning of surviving 
the bumps in the road they will experience going 
through childhood and into adulthood.  

          Lorelei is a successful businesswoman who raised her children in unconventional ways, ignoring the current “psycho babble” that said the priority was to be your child’s friend.   Instead, she chose the harder road of being a strong and consistent parent.  (That doesn't mean spankings!)  Her goals: To raise resilient children who would be able to "roll with the punches," and to guide her children safely through childhood despite being a busy mom.  


     One of her biggest regrets as a mom of now-grown children is looking back at what kind of a parent she was.  She knows she did a lot right, because they turned out to be great people:  responsible, good sense of humor, hard-working, etc.  But oh--the things she now knows she could have done better! This is wisdom she now shares in her "Savvy Parenthood" webinars, speaking, and coaching.


    Join Lorelei and other guest parenting experts when new "Savvy Parenthood" webinar sessions open.  She has wonderful tips for raising well-adjusted kids even when they drive you crazy!  (Isn't it wonderful to be able to sit at home with a cup of coffee and join in with women from all over the world?)  To be notified of dates and to receive more information about the webinars, please fill in the opt-in box to the right.  We'd love to have you with us in these fun, inspiring, thought-provoking and life-changing sessions!

                                           Topics will cover from toddlers through teens, 
                                   and these are just some of what's included:
* Underneath It All: 

* The 3 Biggest Mistakes
   Parents Make

* 6 steps to great parenting!     

* Creating a Parent Plan         
* Even Tots Can Learn How to Make Good Choices
* "Helicopter Moms" Raise Stunted Kids

* Parenting from Strength Rather Than Guilt 

* Raising Respectful Kids

* Spiritual Component of Parenting
(different from being religious)

* How to Avoid the Empty Nest Syndrome

*  Launching Our Kids Joyfully Into Life

                                                        * And much, much more!


Lorelei shares parenting expertise from her many experiences as a single mom raising children while also being an entrepreneur.  She has numerous tips you can implement immediately to create rapport with your kids, from toddlers to teens. 

     Lorelei also presents the unique perspectives of her children in dealing with a busy entrepreneurial mom by sharing numerous notes and letters from her kids through the years.  These are humorous and sometimes pointed notes they left on kitchen counters, or letters they wrote to her or their grandmother.  They give a marvelous perspective from a child's viewpoint as to what it's like living with and dealing with a busy mom! 

Lorelei appeared on the NBC Today Show (Minneapolis segment) with two other moms who loved her "Letting Go of Mommy Guilt" book. 

Here's what a new mom who's a lawyer wrote Lorelei after reading her book:

     "I loved your book!!! Letting Go of Mommy Guilt is the best book I've read on parenting to date. It was funny and witty and included some very savvy parenting tips. As a first time mom and mompreneur who wants to eat her cake and have it, it was reassuring and quite comforting to know that I can have it all. Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down and spent all night reading in between nursing. I also have a favorite poem in there, which I will frame. Thank you so much for being a light along the way."


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